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Happy Birthday Abbie – 9 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Last year, we had a huge scare when Abbie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We became concerned when she was not able to keep any weight on despite having a great appetite. Her vet run a blood test and discovered that she had a hyperactive thyroid gland. Many tests later, including an iodine scan, Abbie had surgery to remove the cancerous tumors. Her surgeon was confident that she had removed all of it but when the biopsy came back it showed the margins near zero. The recommendation was for chemo and radiation. Now for a little background….

Abbie is a rescue that we adopted when she was 10 months old. Her previous people could not handle her energy level (pointers NEED to fly!) so they locked her in a small cage and pushed food through to her. She was left there for weeks. Our kind neighbor noticed and asked me to help with the rescue. It was love at first sight. The toughest part was convincing the owners that Abbie would be better off with us. What a gift! She is the gentlest, kindest soul. Her early traumatic cage experience causes her to totally panic if she is left alone. Enter dog #2. (A story for another day!)

So… After the surgery they wanted to treat her with very strong radiation, requiring her to be in isolation for about 4 weeks. If we didn’t do it, they estimated she would not make it for a year. This is a dog who panics after 10 minutes and bloodies her paws trying to break out at the vets when undergoing routine tests. We knew the isolation would kill her before the cancer did, so we opted out of the treatment. Let her spend her last days on the beach chasing birds. But a miracle happened when we took her back for her annual checkup. She is now apparently cancer free, with many more years in front of her to make sure the birds on the beach get their exercise. Who says the good die young!